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Head of School's Welcome,

Welcome to AET and we appreciate you taking a look at our school for your career training.


Until AET began offering paramedic training in British Columbia, there was no choice as to how you would get paramedic training. You would line up at the JI, pay for assessments and be interviewed for the privilege of becoming a student number. That system was not working well for students and AET was created to give communities and students an option to consider.


We have been training paramedics since 2007 and have successfully trained hundreds of Primary Care Paramedics. These certified paramedics have gone on to become licensed with a success rate of over 98% at Provinical Examinations! Today, there are AET paramedics working in almost all parts of Canada.


Our training system works with you as the primary focus of our educational team. We encourage you to come and take a look at our team and what we can offer.


Declan Lawlor

Our Philosophy

AET is committed to good patient care. To meet that goal, we must offer our students the latest medical skills in a training that recognizes each persons unique learning style. We believe in adapting program materials and delivery style to give you the most successful learning environment possible.

Our History

AET became the first private training school to offer paramedicine in 2007. We have offered training throughout British Columbia through our corporate locations and in partnership with public colleges. Our graduates have gone on to work in the exciting world of paramedicine throughout Canada.

PTIB Certified

The Primary Care Program (PCP) is approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch.

Information on the certification and recognition process can be found at


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