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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

As soon as you enter the school, you get a sense of being the lead role for our educational team. Our school is built around helping you become the best paramedic practioner that we can build.


You will receive workbooks, online training and access to many other resources so you have the latest and most effective learning tools available. The AET team will work individually with you to help create a learning plan that works both with and for you.


Our instructors are always available to help with that one little annoying question that sometimes just a quick answer would fix.


With our week on, then week off academic schedule your schoolwork is given time to be properly absorbed and assist in long term retention. With the week off, you still have opportunities to connect with the instructor at the school or via web conferencing sessions for personalized help.


Once you have successfully completed our PCP training program, you can then take the EMALB Licensing examination which will entitle you to work as a licensed paramedic within British Columbia. This license can then be recognized throughout Canada through a reciprocal license recognition program that provinces are mandated to offer.

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